Silent Disco DJset

Last Saturday I did a SILENT DISCO set and was playing some soulful/deep/jazzy house, including some brand new joints along some classics and remixes. Was my first time playing Silent Disco, had hella fun, and my audience too! Here is the recording of the set, hope you enjoy it.
Much love and blessings.
[Live DJset recorded at Burning Man PreCompression 2016, American Steel Studios, Oakland, CA – June 18 2016]

Burning Man Precompression 2016


Saturday June 18 I’m playing a Silent Disco set (10-11:15pm) at BM Precompression at American Steel Studios in Oakland!

Join us for da Vinci’s Dream: an evening of art, fire, light, electricity, inventions, pure imagination and community! This will be a creative collaboration of epic proportions! From big art, theme camps and mutant vehicles to fanciful and fiery artists, performers and participants of every variety.

Freestyle Fiesta flying higher

Another great night at the Revolution Cafe, thanks to the dancers and the performers, Giuseppe Pinto, Aaron Kierbel, MC Burch and the guest MCs who joined the band, next one will be on May 27. In the meantime MC Burch and I will do some feature at next Sonamo’ event at Muka in Hayes Valley on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th.
By the way these guys on the picture have nice tees, don’t you think?